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Getting Started with WHM - Step 1: Logging in
Updated Monday July 1st 2019 / Category Getting Started

This is part of a multi-step guide to get started with your WHM account on Reseller Shared hosting or on a VPS service that includes cPanel/WHM.

These guides will cover initial configuration and setup to get you ready to create cPanel accounts. Below you can can find links to each other section:

Step 2: Basic Navigation and Initial Configuration

Step 3: Creating new account packages

Step 4: Creating new cPanel accounts

In this section we will cover how to login from a Shared Hosting Reseller account or VPS hosting service that includes cPanel/WHM.

Logging in to WHM – Shared Hosting Reseller Services

On a Reseller package you can access WHM directly via VIPControl, From the left hand menu select:

Web Hosting > Manage > click the “WHM” button next to the service you want to manage

Alternatively you can retrieve a link to login to WHM directly from the action option next to your package. To get this select:

Web Hosting > Manage > Select “Actions” on the right of your desired service and select “Service Details

The URL for accessing WHM will be displayed under “cPanel Details” against the WHM Address field. Along with your username and password a little further below.

Note: If you have changed your WHM password from anywhere else but here the one displayed will not be correct, You can however request to reset it using this page if you ever forget what was set.

Logging in to WHM – VPS Services

(Self-Managed with cPanel and Fully-Managed ONLY)

While a button is displayed in VIPControl within VPS > Manage much like managing Reseller Shared hosting there are some specific configurations along with an SSL Certificate to be applied on your server for this to work.

  • For Fully-Managed this button will not be operational immediately after purchase while we set those required things up.
  • For Self-Managed servers we can make the required changes under a Server Management Job.

As an alternative, you can retrieve the WHM login URL from your product activation email for the server. It will be the server IP address followed by “:2087”. Just paste this into a browser of choice and login using your credentials.

If you cannot find your welcome email just pop an eTicket through to Technical Support and they will promptly re-send this information out.

To retrieve your credentials for the server login to VIPControl and navigate to:

VPS > Manage > Select “Details” against your desired server > Select “Service details

Your credentials to login to WHM will be displayed here along with some other general information about your server such as renewal costs and IP addresses you have been assigned.

Next we’ll delve into navigating around and customization of your WHM account – Click here to go to the next part!

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