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How do I access cPanel?
Updated Tuesday July 16th 2019 / Category Getting Started

You can access your cPanel in a few ways:

Through VIPControl

  1. Login to your VIPControl account
  2. Click on the My Services option on the top-left of the page > select Hosting from the available menu options
  3. You then just hit the cPanel button for the hosting service that you wish to access


To access cPanel via this method you will need to have your cPanel details. They can be found by following steps 1. and 2. as mentioned above.

You then just click on the Manage button instead of cPanel.

The cPanel details can be found underneath where your storage space is displayed (See Below)


You will need to do the following to log in:

  1. Copy your cPanel address (eg and paste it in your search bar. This will take you to the cPanel login page.
  2. Simply copy in the cPanel username and password listed in your account and you will be logged in!

*Note that if you manually update your password in cPanel, then you will need to reset it through VIPControl for it to have the updated version displayed.

If you need any assistance whilst following through with any of these processes, feel free to get in touch with us via eTicket or over the phone on 13 24 85.

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