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How do I adjust my PHP Settings?
Updated Thursday March 9th 2017 / Category Web Hosting General

By default, there are default values in effect which regulate what each PHP Script is able to do, such as how much can be uploaded in one go, the length a script can run for and how much memory the script has access to.

To adjust your PHP Settings

1) Log into your website’s cPanel service. An easy way to get there is by going through your account VIPControl account.  Head to Shared Hosting, Manage and then click the cPanel button.

2) Scroll down to the Software menu and click Select PHP Version.

3) Click Switch To PHP Options on the right.

4) Adjust the values as necessary (e.g. max_file_uploads and upload_max_filesize). To do this, click the existing value, modify the text/dropdown box as you need to, then click Apply. After making all your adjustments, click Save at the bottom of the page.

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