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How do I check my inode usage?
Updated Tuesday September 8th 2020 / Category Web Hosting

What are inodes?

Inodes are the number of files that are stored on your hosting service, and on a shared web hosting service, this is figure is limited depending on the plan you’re on.

Exceeding this limitation can cause your website to display a 503 error.

How to check your inode count

First, you will need to log into your hosting account using a Secure Shell client such as PuTTY.
We have a guide on enabling SSH access on your hosting service if you haven’t done that already.

Next, after you’ve connected via SSH, you should navigate enter the following command:

find . -printf "%h\n" | cut -d/ -f-2 | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn

This will show a breakdown of how many files are in each folder (of the current directory) and a total at the bottom. This is where you can begin your investigation, and running the command in different directories.

You can change directories on our servers using the following command:

cd /folder-name

To go back (up) a directory, use this command:

cd ..

Reducing the number of files on your hosting service

Some of the common reasons your inode count can near its limits include:

  • You are on a plan too small for your website
  • The Content Management System you’re using requires a lot of files
  • You have duplicate uploads
  • Your website is creating an excess of error logs

Once you’ve identified the source of your high file usage it is up to you to consider whether a bigger plan is best for you, or if you could safely delete some of these files if unnecessary.

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