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How do I create a 'cloaked' web forwarder?
Updated Saturday August 19th 2017 / Category DNS

If you want to ‘mask’ a URL (so that people access www.yoursite.com but see the content of www.anothersite.com) you can create a ‘cloaked’ forwarder using our Web/Email Forwarding service. This is complimentary as part of our FREE DNS Hosting offered with any domains registered with (or transferred to) us.

  1. Log into your VIPControl account
  2. Click Domains on the left, then select Manage in the dropdown menu
  3. Click the blue cog button next to your domain name
  4. Select Manage DNS in the Domain Management dropdown menu
  5. If it’s not already selected, click on Web/Email Forwarding
  6. Click Add Forwarder next to Web Forwarding
  7. Select the first option, Cloak
  8. Add in the cloak forwarder details;

Please note: Any existing DNS settings / nameservers / records set on the domain level will be removed when you switch to this option.

  • Source Address: http://
  • Destination Address: (this is the page you want to show when people access your site)
  • Page Title: (this is what you want to show browsers)
  • Meta Description: (when people search for your site in Google, what do you want to show?)
  • Meta Keywords: (what keywords do you want Google to link to your site?)

Lastly, click Add Forwarder again, next to ‘Web Forwarding’. Complete steps 6, 7 & 8 again, but this time in the source address make sure to put http://www — this ensures that people accessing www.yoursite.com and just yoursite.com will be sent to the right page.

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