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How do I create my own white label name servers for my Reseller or Legacy WHM Multi service?
Updated Sunday December 30th 2018 / Category WHM Multi Hosting & Reseller Services

When setting up your own white label nameservers for use on our Reseller or Legacy WHM Multi services there are two things you need to do:

  1. Create the child name server records.
  2. Create the associated DNS records for the white label nameservers.

If your domain name is registered through VentraIP Australia, please follow the steps below to create your child name server records:

  1. Login to your VIPControl account.
  2. On the left side navigation, Domains and then Manage.
  3. Click the blue cog button on the domain name you’re using for your child name servers.
  4. In the drop down options click Child Name Servers.
  5. There you will create your each record one by one through entering the hostname (ns1, ns2 etc.) and the IP address of the name server. Click Add Host.
  6. Repeat step 5 as required.

If you’re creating child name server records using the VentraIP Australia DNS cluster, the IP’s are as follows:

For customers on a SYD1 Server (RXXX.SYD1) – All plans POST July 2017

ns1 -
ns2 -

For customers on a SYD2 Server (RXXX.SYD2) – All plans POST July 2017

ns1 -
ns2 -

For customers on a SYD3 Server (RXXX.SYD3) – All plans POST July 2017

ns1 -
ns2 -

For Customers on a LEGACY WHM Multi Server (CXSX-XM) – All plans PRE July 2017

ns1 -
ns2 -
ns3 -

You will then need to create the DNS entries for your nameservers on our hosting server also; please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WHM.
  2. Using the menu go to Edit DNS Zone.
  3. Find the domain you’re using for your nameservers and edit.
  4. Create the necessary A records for each of your name servers and then save the zone.

Example records for the Reseller DNS cluster are:

ns1 14400 A
ns2 14400 A

Please note: These DNS setups are subject to DNS propagation, so it could take upto 24-48 hours until these nameservers you create work correctly.


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