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How do i enable my VIPBuilder site to be delivered over HTTPS?
Updated Thursday September 6th 2018 / Category VIPBuilder

There is 2 parts to this process, Installing an SSL Certificate and forcing the VIPBuilder to use HTTPS for your site.

First you will need to install an SSL Certificate. We offer them free as part of the service via AutoSSL provided by cPanel and Comodo.

Every night at 2am the server your site is hosted on will try to install a certificate, This will succeed so long as your domain is pointing at the name-servers we’ve provided you in your welcome email. If you want to install one immediately without waiting you can do so via VIPControl by logging in and selecting Websites > Manage from the left menu.

From here just select “Actions” on the right side of the Website service you want to request a certificate onto followed by selecting “AutoSSL” from the provided options.

On the page given select to Start AutoSSL Check and our server will attempt to validate a certificate for your site. This can take up to an hour to complete.

Once an SSL has been requested you can set your site to be forced to use HTTPS by logging in to the builder and clicking on the Cog wheel icon in the top right > Select “Settings”

From here just tick the option to “Publish site with forced HTTPS” and apply.

So long as the SSL has been issued your site should now display as secure to any visitors giving them peace of mind any information shared is being done so securely.

If after 24 hours it’s still showing as insecure reach out to our technical support team via eTicket and we’ll look into what may be going on.

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