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How do I install a Content Management System (CMS)?
Updated Saturday August 19th 2017 / Category CMS

By far the most popular option for setting up a new website is to opt for a popular Content Management System (CMS). Not only are they easy to use, but with widespread use there’s a large array of online tutorials, custom themes and plugins, and most important of all there are auto-installers within your cPanel service!

There are many different CMS platforms, but the most popular include; WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. If you’re after a shopping cart, take a look at the likes of Magento and CSCart.

Each of these options (and many others!) are easy to install via your cPanel:

    1. Login to your cPanel service.
    2. Click on the Softaculous icon.

Select the CMS you’re after and follow the installation prompts.

Once you have finished the installation of your new CMS, it’s a case of logging into its administrator panel and working your way through to discover it’s options. Please be sure to keep your CMS up to date, this means ensuring you complete any updates to the CMS, themes and plugins when they are released.

There are plenty of online tutorials available using a Google search, themes to install to customise the look of your website, and many plugins to add additional features you may need.

Please note: whilst VentraIP Australia supplies these CMS options via the Softaculous Auto Installer, we don’t provide direct support for these applications. This doesn’t mean we cannot provide some basic advice if you get stuck!

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