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How do I move from a Wordpress.com blog to a Wordpress install with VentraIP?
Updated Thursday November 10th 2016 / Category Migration

Moving your blog from WordPress.com to VentraIP Australia is actually quite easy:

  1. First setup WordPress on your VentraIP Australia web hosting service.
  2. Login to your WordPress.com blog, go to Tools and select Export.
  3. Choose the free option, all content and then click to download your export file.
  4. In the WordPress admin area of your VentraIP service, go to Tools and select Import.
  5. Choose WordPress and select the export download you made in step 3.
  6. You’ve now completed the migration of your data.

If you haven’t yet pointed your domain name to VentraIP Australia, this is now the time to complete that using the steps in this article.

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