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How do I pay my invoice?
Updated Tuesday November 8th 2016 / Category Billing

There are two ways invoices can be paid, and we accept a variety of payment methods. The first option is whilst you are logged into your VIPControl account and the second is simply with the invoice number and the postcode stored on file.

Whilst logged into VIPControl

To view and pay current invoices please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your VIPControl account.
  2. In the left hand menu under Your Account select the Invoices option.
  3. Click the Pay option next to the applicable invoice.

This will provide you with the option to pay via Credit Card, PayPal or POLi online, as well as provide BPAY details if that is your preferred payment method.

Credit Card on our website

Invoices can be paid via credit card without the need to login to VIPControl, pending the full invoice number and the postcode set on the VIPControl account are know.

Payments via this method can be made online here.

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