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How do I set up my mailbox on mail software?
Updated Monday July 23rd 2018 / Category Email

Prior to setting up email on your device(s) you will need to do one of the following:

Once you have created a mailbox using one of these methods you will be able to retrieve server settings from cPanel itself or if using Business email on the welcome email we send out once your mailbox is configured.

With these details and the guides we provide below you should be able to complete setup on your device.

While our team will do their best to ensure your mailbox is working properly our side and via webmail If you run into issues while trying to apply your mailbox settings to a specific device or software you will need to source support from the internet via a search or by contacting the software vendor directly. Our staff are not able to provide support on software not developed or sold by us.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are operating on a version of Windows prior to Windows 10 then you may have issues connecting to our newer servers which are strictly PCI compliant. Your mail software must be able to connect securely over TLS1.1 or (preferably) TLS1.2. There are patches you can apply to older versions of Windows to become compliant however we cannot help you make these changes. You will need to seek advice from a trained IT technician. Alternatively you can update to Windows 10 if comfortable in doing so.

Setting up on your specific device

As mentioned, below we provide articles for completing mail setup on current popular devices.

If the device or software you are trying to set up is not listed you will need to source a guide on the internet or from the software vendor directly.

iPhone Mail

Outlook for Mac

Android Mail

Windows Mail

Microsoft Outlook


Gmail App

Mac Mail

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