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How do I setup an alias or forwarder with my Dedicated Email Hosting account?
Updated Wednesday January 23rd 2019 / Category Email Hosting

An Alias will allow you to divert any mail that is sent to various address for your domain onto any email address of your choice.

To setup this follow below steps:-

Login to VIPControl > Email Hosting > Manage > Click on Setting Icon > Manage Aliases page.

You can also setup a catch all function using above steps i.e. catch any email that is sent to an invalid email address for your domain.

A forwarder can be used if you’d like to email another copy of a message sent to your dedicated email hosting account onto another email address. If you wish to set a forwarder for your email account to another email address then this can be achieved by logging into the Atmail > Click on Settings > Mail Options > Enable Forward > Add another email address.

Please note: This page states that emails will not be stored in your mailbox, this is incorrect. With forwarders enabled the message will arrive in your inbox as well as being forwarded.

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