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How do I transfer an existing domain name to VentraIP?
Updated Friday September 1st 2017 / Category Registration, Renewal and Expiry

Before you begin

You will need to make sure you have the EPP code for your domain name (this is also known as a domain password, auth code or key). You can obtain the EPP code for your domain from you domains current Registrar. You will also need to ensure that the Registrant Email address listed on the domain is up to date as you’ll need to click a link to approve the transfer.

Submitting the domain for transfer

When you’re ready you can go to our domain transfer page. You’ll be asked for the EPP code during the process. Once you’ve submitted the order and the invoice is paid for (if it’s a transfer that involves a renewal fee) the registrant contact for that domain name will be sent an email with a link to click to approve the transfer. If the registrant email address on the domain is incorrect you’ll need to contact your current Registrar in order to update it. Once the link is clicked to approve that transfer


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