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How do I update my VIPControl contact information?
Updated Thursday November 10th 2016 / Category VIPControl

It is absolutely critical that your VIPControl contact information is always up to date and legitimate. It’s critical for ensuring:

  • You are able to login and manage your services at any time.
  • We can contact you at any time for issues regarding your service, reminders, invoices.
  • We can authenticate the account holder if there are any disputes.

To update your VIPControl contact information please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your VIPControl account.
  2. Using the left navigation menu click Account and then My Details.
  3. Edit the account details form as required.
  4. Click Submit

That’s it, you’ve now updated your VIPControl contact information.

Please note: Domain name contacts and your VIPControl contact details are separate. Updating one does not update the other, they are two separate sets of actions. For information on updating your domain name contacts, please see this article.

VIPControl contact Email Address

It is important that you put some careful consideration into the email address you set as your primary VIPControl email address. This is the email address we use to contact you for invoices, service alerts, service suspensions and it’s also what you use to login (and run a password reset).

Therefore we feel it’s important to recommend you set it to an externally hosted email address such as a GMail, Outlook, Yahoo or even a third party work email address.

If you set it to an email address hosted from a service you hold with us; what happens when you have issues with your email and need support? So we recommend setting the email address to something external just in case!

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