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How do I update the Whois contact details on my domain name?
Updated Wednesday May 9th 2018 / Category Domain Contacts and Privacy

The Whois is an internet record listing which identifies who owns a domain name and how that individual/business may be contacted. Whois records have proven to be extremely useful and are thus considered an essential resource in maintaining the integrity of the domain name and website world.

At VentraIP Australia we refer to the Whois records as your domain name contacts. It is important to keep your domain name contacts up to date, as important information is relayed to these contacts – such as domain expiry notices, Whois policy reminders, and other important domain related information.

You can update your domain contacts by following the instructions below:

  1. Login to your VIPControl account.
  2. Click the button Manage my Domains button on the dashboard.
  3. Select the domain name you wish to update the contacts on.
  4. In the drop down options click Contacts.
  5. Modify the registrant, technical and administrative contacts as required.
  6. Click Update Contacts.

You have now completed the update! It is vital that domain name contact details entered are valid, true and correct as required by registrar policy.

Please note: Domain name contacts and your VIPControl contact details are separate. Updating one does not update the other, they are two separate sets of actions.

ID Protection / Domain Privacy

We recognise that it is important to many businesses and individuals that their contact information is protected. VentraIP offers ID Protection / Domain Privacy options which will hide your direct details from the domain name Whois system.

For more information please see our article – How can I enable ID Protection (Domain Privacy) on my domain name registration?

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