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How SSL/TLS encryption helps you
Updated Wednesday October 21st 2020 / Category Web Hosting

Keeping your information safe

When you check your email or someone visits your website, any information passed between the computer/device and our server will be encrypted. This is especially important when the information is private or confidential (personal information, credit card information, etc.).

Helps Keep You Safe From Attacks

Hackers can sometimes implement various methods in which they can intercept your web traffic. If your web traffic is encrypted, even if it is intercepted it will be basically impossible for a malicious person to read it.

You know you’re dealing with the right people

When a website has an SSL Certificate installed, you can be sure that you’re dealing with the right people. An SSL Certificate vendor will take steps to ensure they’re issuing an SSL Certificate to the right person, before it’s provided.

This basically means, that when you’re sending any personal information over the web. You know that it’s not just secure, but it’s also going to the right people.


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