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How to add Google Maps to my website in VIPBuilder?
Updated Thursday September 6th 2018 / Category VIPBuilder

The easiest way to add Google maps to your website using our VIPBuilder is through the use of a html frame.

If we select “html” under the advanced section that will give our frame that can be moved to anywhere on your website. From here we will need to go to Google Maps and search for the address we want.
When we find the address we’ll get a menu on the left-hand side with a “share” option. If we click on the share option and then “Embed a map” we will get a few sizing options line of code that we can take a copy of and then paste it into our html frame in VIPBuilder.

Once we apply that it will then show in VIPBuilder. If you can’t see the map and only see an image that says “Double click to change properties” then you will need to preview the website to view the map or open the html frame properties and untick the option that says “Deacitvate content while in builder (recommended)”

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