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How to add a reCAPTCHA to my contact form in VIPBuilder?
Updated Thursday September 6th 2018 / Category VIPBuilder

Starting off with Google’s reCAPTCHA we can sign up for the service by visiting the Google reCAPTCHA home page.
From here you can click the My reCAPTCHA button in top right-hand side and follow the prompts to setup your domain on Google’s end to use reCAPTCHA.

Adding reCAPTCHA to your website using VIPBuilder is very easy from here. All we need to do is copy the Site Key and Secret Key from Google reCAPTCHA and navigate to the contact form we want to add a reCAPTCHA to, open the properties of it and then settings.
All we do from here is paste in the site key in the box on the left and paste in the secret key in the box on the right.

The reCAPTCHA will now show on the website in your contact form after it’s been published.


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