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How to import existing application into Installatron
Updated Monday July 31st 2017 / Category Web Hosting

So you may have installed or transferred a WordPress instance into your hosting account manually, but would like to take advantage of the offerings of Installatron?

Lucky for you, there is a way to import an existing application such as WordPress into Installatron so you can make use of such tools as Installatron backups and cloning for development purposes.

Follow these steps to import your existing application into Installatron:

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Open the Installatron Applications Installer tool
  3. Ensure you are in the Applications Browser tab and then click on software icon relevant to the application you are wanting to import
  4. Click the downward facing arrow next to the install this application button
  5. Click import existing install
  6. Click continue under the From this account section
  7. Enter the directory path to your application install location (leave blank if your application is installed inside ‘public_html’)
  8. Click Import

Congratulations, your existing application should have now been imported into Installatron giving you access to all the features that Installatron offers!

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