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Legacy domain name transfer from Intaserve
Updated Thursday March 9th 2017 / Category IntaServe

On 1 July 2015, VentraIP Australia, the largest self-funded web host and domain name registrar in the country, completed an asset acquisition of IntaServe.

Due to some rather restrictive and prohibitive ICANN policies, we are unable to automatically transfer gTLD domain names that were held with Intaserve to VentraIP Australia automatically.

These domain names can continued to be managed through the Intaserve client area, however, we encourage all customers to submit them for transfer to VentraIP Australia manually to ensure continued service and cheaper renewal rates. Should your domain name remain within the legacy system there will be a cost of $69.95 per year for renewal of the domain name.

Transferring the domain names to VIPControl

The process to bring your domain names from the legacy Intaserve portal into VIPControl essentially involves you retrieving the domain name password from within Intaserve’s system and submitting the domain name for transfer to VentraIP Australia as a regular domain name transfer. This does mean there is a fee payable (with will add an extra year onto your domain name) and the Registrant contact will need to click the link sent via email to initiate the transfer. A full guide has been included below.

Phase One: Retrieve the EPP password from the Intaserve system

Before you can submit the transfer request to VentraIP Australia (so the domain name shows up in VIPControl), you will need to retrieve the domain name password from within the legacy Intaserve client area.

1.  Login to the legacy Intaserve client area online at https://secure.intaserve.com/clientarea.php and click on the Domains option. If you need your password for the legacy Intaserve client area reset, please do so here.

2.  You will be presented with a list of your domain names that are within the Intaserve client area.

3.  Click on the dropdown arrow next to the wrench icon to expose the menu options and select Manage Domain.

4.  Once the Manage Domain page has loaded click on the Get EPP Code option on the left hand side to expose the domain name EPP password.

5.  The domain name EPP (transfer) password will then be shown on screen. Take note of this password because you will require it in order to submit the domain name transfer request to VentraIP Australia.

Phase Two: Submit the domain name transfer to VentraIP Australia

Once you have retrieve the EPP code for the domain name from the legacy Intaserve client area you can now submit the domain name for transfer via the VentraIP Australia ordering forms.

  • 1.  Navigate towards the VentraIP Australia domain transfer ordering wizard online here.
  • 2.  Type your domain name in the box, select the correct extension and click on Check Availability.
  • 3.  Select your domain name from the results and click on Add to cart and then select the final Add to cart at the bottom of the screen.
  • 4.  On the next page you will be prompted to enter the EPP Password to transfer the domain name. Enter the EPP password you retrieved from the legacy Intaserve system and click Update Cart.
  • 5.  Upon checkout remember to enter your VIPControl account information under the “Already a customer” option to have the domain name transfer request added to your VIPControl account.
  • 6.  Once the order has been submitted the Registrant contact will be sent an email that contains a link that needs to be clicked in order for the transfer to be approved.

Please note: Ensure this link is clicked or the domain name transfer will NOT be submitted. In the event that the email is never received, please contact our support team for assistance (and they will be able to update the email address on the domain name).

Once the approval link has been clicked the domain name will be submitted for transfer and we’ll email you when it’s finished (normally 3-4 days). During this time the domain name will continue to function and remain online, however, you will not be able to make changes on the domain name until the transfer has finished.

The status of the domain name transfer can be viewed from the Domain Name Management section of VIPControl. If you need assistance with this process please contact our support team.

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