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Managing Mailbox Settings
Updated Thursday March 9th 2017 / Category Email Hosting

With the Email Hosting product you can control settings a Domain-wide basis as well as on an individual Mailbox basis. This means that every Mailbox can be on different tiered plans to the others, and you can control individual settings per Mailbox.

Accessing the Mailbox Settings

The Mailbox settings can be accessed through your VIPControl account by clicking Email Hosting on the left side navigation, Manage, clicking on the blue cog button, and then Manage Mailboxes.

From here, a page of all your accounts that are provisioned under that domain name are shown (along with their assigned tiered service, quota and their respective statuses):

  1. Return to All Domains, create a New Account or refresh the list of Email Accounts assigned to that domain.
  2. Easily Add new account or return Back to Email Hosting overview (the list of all domain names).
  3. View the Service that is assigned to that particular Mailbox.
  4. One-click Login to each of the specific Mailboxes or access settings relative to that particular account.

With respect to number 4, if you click on the blue cog button on a particular mailbox (as seen on ‘user1@this-awesome-domain.net’) you will be presented with the following options:

  • Mailbox Settings: Control the user details, such as the contact name, username and directory information. From here, you can also rename a user or change their address.
  • Upgrade Mailbox: Upgrade the specific Mailbox to another tiered plan.
  • Cancel Mailbox: Delete the specific Mailbox and all emails, contacts, calendar entries and tasks.

Please note: Check back often as new features are being added to VIPControl for Mailbox management. If you have any specific requirements or questions, please contact us.

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