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Requesting an IP Address be whitelisted
Updated Thursday December 3rd 2020 / Category Web Hosting

VentraIP Australia implements a strict firewall policy, which prompts the highest level of security we can implement, without affecting the functions of the web hosting environment.

Typical examples of what we will and won’t whitelist

Please keep in mind that all requests are subject to review, and may or may not be approved. These are simply examples.

What we typically can whitelist:

  • The IP Address of a remote MySQL server you want your website to connect to
  • The IP Address of a CDN you’re using, that needs to be able to connect to your website / web hosting service.

What we typically cannot whitelist:

  • A port for you to run custom software on our shared hosting platform
  • Anything relating to running a game server

Requesting a whitelist

Before requesting an IP Address be whitelisted, please ensure that you have the following information at the ready:

  • The IP Address or IP Address range you want to whitelist
  • The Port Number you want to be able to use

From there, you can submit an eTicket to our technical support team regarding your request.


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