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Reset password for '' mailboxes
Updated Saturday May 30th 2020 / Category Email Hosting

At this time password resets for Axigen based ‘’ mailbox accounts REQUIRES that you know the old password. If you have forgotten the password or have activated 2FA and need to reset it you’ll need to raise an eTicket from your account for our team to reset this for you.

To change your existing password follow these steps –

  • Login to the mailbox at (Or log in via VIPcontrol using the ‘login’ link next to the desired mailbox)
  • After signing in select the ‘Options’ menu from bottom left as pictured below, Select ‘Settings’

  •  This will bring up the screen below, Select ‘Change’ next to Password Change as pictured

  • Provide the current password set along with the new one twice to confirm it.

Once saved remember to update any devices or mail software that connects to your mailbox. Otherwise it will stop receiving and sending messages.

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