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Restore Database with Acronis
Updated Thursday August 13th 2020 / Category Backups

Below are the steps you will need to take in order to restore a database to your account. If you are restoring a deleted database, there are some extra steps at the bottom under ‘Adding database user’.

Restoring the database

  1. Once logged in to your cPanel, select ‘Acronis Backup‘.
  2. On the next page we see a list of available backup times, select a time that you would like to restore back too.
  3. On the next page we can see our available restore options, we will select ‘Databases’.
  4. Select the database you would like to restore, and then click ‘Recover‘.
  5. You may now wait for your database to be restored, if you would like to check the progress click the ‘Operation log‘ tab up the top, this will show you if the restore is in progress or completed. Once completed the orange ‘In Progress: Recover databases‘ will change to a green box that says ‘Succeeded: recover Databases‘.
  6. You may refresh this page, once the status says ‘Succeeded‘ you know the database has been restored.

Congratulations, your database and all it’s data has been successfully restored! You are now free to use your site as per normal, unless you were restoring a deleted database in which case below are the final steps.

Adding the Database User

In the event that the database had been deleted prior to being restored, then we need to add a ‘Privileged User‘ to the database for your site to access it, the steps to do this are below.

  1. In your cPanel first go to ‘MySQL® Databases‘.
  2. Scroll down until you see the section ‘Add User To Database‘.
    Here you must select the ‘User‘ that will be assigned to the ‘Database‘. Often the user and database name will match, but not in all cases. If you are not sure you will need to contact your developer. Once you have selected both from the drop down boxes click ‘Add‘.
  3. Check the box marked ‘ALL PRIVILEGES‘, then select ‘Make Changes‘.

And you’re now finished, the database user has been assigned and granted privileges  to use the restored database.

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