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Retrieve a Priority ID Token for a .AU domain name application
Updated Wednesday March 23rd 2022 / Category Domain Names

The Priority ID Token tool can be found below:

When placing an order through VIPControl, in most cases the priority token for .au domain names within your account will be pre-filled.

Where it is not, you can follow the below process to retrieve and enter this in manually.

To retrieve a priority token, you’ll need an existing .au Domain name with Priority Allocation Status. You can confirm this by using the Priority Status Tool.

When retrieving the token, you will need to provide the domain name and the name of the person requesting the token. Once this is submitted, an email will be sent to registrant emails address attached to the existing domain.

The email you receive from this tool will have a temporary link which will allow you to obtain the Priority ID Token.

This can then be used when submitting priority applications through VentraIP Australia for the involved .au direct domain name.

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