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What does a Server Management Job and what do they cover?
Updated Thursday February 1st 2018 / Category VPS

A Server Management Job is an agreed work order for system changes or upgrades to your VPS. On our fully managed plans you have 5 of these included per month and they will reset at the start of the billing month. On a Self-Managed product you must purchase these as you need them.

These Jobs can be used for anything underneath our scope of support, this includes but is not limited to

  • cPanel updates/changes
  • Web server troubleshooting and configuration
  • CloudLinux/CageFS setup
  • PHP Version updates or problems
  • MySQL issues
  • Email-related issues

Our team can advise if it’s something we can assist with while confirming the Management Job.

A Server Management Job can cover multiple issues in the one task. For example, if you wanted cPanel, MySQL and PHP Upgraded to their latest version then we can cover that in a single job. Once a Server Management Job has been confirmed it is not possible for you add additional tasks. This will require purchasing a new Server Management Job. Our support team will work with you to confirm exactly what you would like completed prior to starting the job.

Please be aware that our team can only assist with the server-configuration side of things and can not assist with anything related to website-development. Further to that we are only able to support anything that is officially supported by cPanel. For anything not officially supported by cPanel you will need to seek assistance from a third party Server Administrator. 

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