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Step Two: Accessing WHM on your VPS
Posted Thursday June 26th 2014 / Category Legacy Business VPS

As your Business VPS with the cPanel addon has come with cPanel/WHM pre-installed, configured and secured, you are able to log straight in. To login to WHM on your VPS please follow these steps:

  1. In your web browser go to https://yourVPSipaddress:2087
  2. Enter your VPS username of root and it’s password.
  3. You’re now in WHM.

Please note: You will replace “yourVPSipaddress” with your VPSs primary IP address as listed in your activation email. We recommend that you never login with http://yourVPSipaddress:2086 or /whm as this is insecure.

WHM is for your backend server administration, to manage services and cPanel users. cPanel is your lower level access for a per website basis.

Step Three?

Now that you’re in WHM and you’ve learned how to reach SSH, it’s away you go with your new VPS. A few things we will recommend:

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