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Step Two: Creating packages and cPanel accounts
Posted Wednesday April 30th 2014 / Category Reseller Hosting

Now that you’re in WHM, step two of our Getting Started Guide for your WHM Multi is creating packages and new cPanel accounts.

Before you can create new cPanel accounts, you need to setup packages. These packages define limits for bandwidth, disk storage, email accounts, etc and are important in defining the structure of your cPanel accounts.

To create your packages please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WHM.
  2. In the left hand menu go to Add a Package.
  3. Define your Package Name and all of the limits shown.
  4. Click Add.

That’s it. You can then repeat these steps to create as many packages as are required; remember, you can define one package type and assign it to multiple services. Additionally you will need to ensure that your packages are sensibly defined, as your WHM Multi plan limits include all resources allocated to your cPanel users.

To create cPanel accounts you can then follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WHM.
  2. In the left hand menu go to Create a New Account.
  3. Enter the details you desire for that service; the domain name it’s to be associated with, username, password and the email address which will receive disk+bandwidth warning notices.
  4. Select the package for the limits you wish to apply.
  5. Complete the rest of the form and click Create.

You may then rinse and repeat as required to create more accounts.

Moving websites from another host?

If you’re migrating from another hosting provider, please proceed straight to the following FAQ Article:

Final Steps

There’s one last step in our Getting Started Guide for WHM Multi services, and this guide will run you through the additional services you can activate on each individual cPanel service.

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