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The differences between dedicated email hosting and cPanel email
Updated Thursday January 21st 2021 / Category Email Hosting

cPanel email accounts are very basic and can only really be used to send and receive emails. cPanel is also primarily a web hosting platform, which has a simple email “addon”. It can be a good idea to keep your emails separate from your cPanel web hosting service for the following reasons:

  • In the unlikely event that our technical support team is forced to suspend your web hosting account because your website has been compromised and is causing issues for the server and other customers. Your emails would stop working if they were also set up inside your web hosting service.
  • Web hosting services/platforms are prone to being placed on email blacklists, which can cause email delivery issues. This can happen when your website or another website on a shared hosting server is compromised and used to send spam emails.

Dedicated email hosting is essentially a standalone email hosting platform, which isn’t affected by the issues with cPanel email listed above, and offers the following features that cPanel does not:

  • Axigen webmail interface
  • CalDAV Calendars
  • Spam Experts inbound and outbound spam filtering
  • Redundancy
  • All storage is dedicated to your emails



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