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Two-Factor Authentication FAQ for VIPControl
Updated Thursday January 25th 2018 / Category Accounts

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

This is a secondary password system that is randomly generated and sent to a trusted email account or device you control. Essentially while this is active on your VIPcontrol account if your  password is ever discovered by someone they can’t actually log in without this extra code.

We offer three different methods of Two-Factor (Also known as 2FA).

  • Email Authentication
  • SMS Authentication
  • Time-Code Authentication via Google Authenticator app

How can I add this to my account?

Simple! Just log into VIPcontrol and from the left bar select My Account, Scroll down to the Account Options area and select “Modify Security Preferences

On the bottom of this page in the Two-Factor Authentication area you can review the status of Two-Factor for your account or select a method to begin setup.

  • For “Email” you will need to nominate an email address to have the token code sent to, supply the code sent during setup to complete activation
  • For “SMS” you will need to provide a mobile number and then retrieve and supply the code we send to your device to complete activation
  • For “Authenticator App” you will need to download “Google Authenticator” from your devices app store and set up a profile for your VIPcontrol account by scanning the provided QR barcode to start generating tokens. Supply the code it generates to complete activation

Help! I can no longer receive my Two-Factor token/code to log in!

Accidents happen, Maybe the email you nominated is no longer accessible or your mobile device took an unplanned swim and is no longer working to retrieve tokens.

To disable Two-Factor Authentication we need to authenticate you against the account with some questions and will require a government issued ID to be scanned or photographed and sent to our recovery team to serve as the second form of identification in lieu of your code.

You can start this process my reaching out to Our Recovery Team via email and one of our helpful team members will reply ASAP!

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