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[Legacy Shared Hosting] How to use R1Soft Backup
Updated Thursday May 3rd 2018 / Category Web Hosting

This guide will cover logging into the R1Soft console and actioning a restore from an available restore point. This function and how many restore points you have available to choose from will depend on what type of hosting service plan you have for your domain:

Services with Hourly R1Soft backups:

  • Business-Lite [Legacy]
  • Business [Legacy]
  • Business-Plus [Legacy]   

To start a restore or download part/all of a backup you will need to log into your cPanel through VIPControl > Shared Hosting > Manage and select the “cPanel” button next to the domain you want to work with.

Once here scroll down and look for “R1Soft Restore Backups” icon under the files section

(Or just search for “R1” in the search bar up top to filter it)

Clicking this button will take you to the login page for the backup console, this will require your cPanel username and password to proceed.

If you do not recall what your cPanel credentials are please follow our guide to retrieve or you can reset them here

Once logged in to R1Soft you will be presented the dashboard with an overview of all available restore points for your service descending from the latest at the top.

Each of these will have 4 options to choose from which we will go over below.



Allows you to view contents of the restore point and download or restore only certain folders or files of the backup. If you only wish to restore files for an addon domain or only your mailboxes and not your site this is the option you would use.
Just select your desired files/folders and either download them or “Send selected to agent” to restore them.;

Browse Databases

Review databases that the restore point contains, can be downloaded or restored individually.


Download a copy of the contents of this restore point to your computer.

Send to Agent

Restore this backup point completely to the server, overwriting any current content. When selected you can leave all settings to what they are default, just press “Send to agent” on the prompt to start.

When you go through and restore either specific files/folders or a whole restore point you will be presented a live report on progress much like the below.

It’s advised you leave this open til complete otherwise you will need to contact support to check on the status.

If you run into any issues with this process or have further queries don’t hesitate to submit a support eTicket for assistance.

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