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What are the steps involved in completing an AU domain Change of Registrant (COR)?
Updated Sunday July 1st 2018 / Category Domain Policy

A Change of Registrant (COR) is required in order to change the legal owner of an AU domain name, that is, the ABN/ACN/RBN/other eligibility type listed on the domain Whois.

To initiate a COR simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to your VIPControl account.
  2. Click Manage my Domains button on your VIPControl dashboard.
  3. Click on the domain name.
  4. In the dropdown options select Initiate COR.

This will generate a $11.25 invoice in your account and once paid, we’ll automatically initiate the COR from our end. The process from here is quite simple whereby we’ll send the existing domain name owner an email which will contain a link to a form. Once that form is completed the gaining registrant will receive an email to enter their details. Following this we’ll verify the new details are correct and then push it through for completion.

If you simply wish to update your domain name contacts, you do not need to complete a Change of Registrant.

The Change of Registrant process can be found here:

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