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[Legacy B-VPS/E-VPS] What does the server hardening process entail?
Updated Thursday May 3rd 2018 / Category Legacy Economy VPS

So you’re looking at purchasing a management day pass so our server administrative team can configure and secure your new Economy VPS. We only conduct server hardening on services which include cPanel/WHM.

Here is a basic rundown of what our team do:

  • Firewall Setup – Install and configure CSF for you to offer greater protection than standard iptables.
  • Remove unused processes – We will remove some of the bloat from the default OS configuration to reduce resource overhead and security risk.
  • OS Patching – We fully update your OS.
  • cPanel Configuration – We’ll fully configure cPanel and it’s associated services.
  • Secure /tmp /var/tmp /dev/shm – These are remounted noexec and nosuid to add an additional layer of protection against web script hackers.
  • Apache configuration – We’ll reconfigure Apache to ensure it’s secure, fast and up to date.
  • PHP configuration – We’ll configure PHP to ensure it’s secure, flexible and running the latest version.
  • MySQL tune – We’ll tweak your MySQL configuration to ensure it’s optimised for your VPS specification.
  • Name server configuration check – If your server is running bind, we’ll check to insure it’s functioning properly and will disable open DNS recursion.

There are of course other little things we’ll do under the hood, but that’s the basic rundown of some of the tasks we’ll complete when we configure and secure a VPS under a management day pass.

If you would like us to complete this for you, please lodge an eTicket through your VIPControl to our Technical Support team.

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