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What happened with IntaServe?
Updated Tuesday November 8th 2016 / Category IntaServe

On 1 July 2015, VentraIP Australia, the largest self-funded web host and domain name registrar in the country, completed an asset acquisition of IntaServe.

As part of the acquisition, all active IntaServe clients had a VIPControl account created for them based on the details stored within the IntaServe billing portal. At the time of creation of these accounts in July 2015, all customers were emailed their VIPControl login credentials. If you require this information it can be retrieved online here.

Over the months following the initial announcement all IntaServe hosting services were integrated into the VentraIP Australia hosting infrastructure and instantly received additional benefits such as LiteSpeed web server, CloudFlare, BlackLotus DDoS protection, PHP version selector, and much more. All customers were emailed the relevant information and all migrations were completed in August 2015. For most legacy IntaServe web hosting customers, the web hosting plan and pricing were not impacted and all renewal dates were honoured.

Any .AU domain names held with IntaServe were migrated to the VIPControl panel with no impact to end clients, however, due to ICANN compliance policies gTLD domain names were not moved automatically and remain within the legacy IntaServe portal accessible online here.

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