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What is Email Hosting?
Updated Thursday November 1st 2018 / Category Email Hosting

The VentraIP Australia Email Hosting product is an Atmail powered email-only hosting product.

It is not to be confused with the standard cPanel email hosting solution that is included with Economy, Business or WHM Multi cPanel services, but rather, Email Hosting is designed as a stand-alone email hosting product that can work alongside an existing web-hosting service (whether that be with VentraIP Australia or another provider).

You can purchase Email Hosting products online here.

Configuring Email Hosting

Once you purchase Email Hosting you will see the ‘Email Hosting’ management options inside of VIPControl. Each email account is purchased ad-hoc and as required, and each matching domain name is automatically tied together in VIPControl:

Simply click on the blue cog button to access settings specific for that domain name overall:

  • Service Details: The service details page will list information relative to the service, such as each configured email account. the plan that they’re on, their monthly spend, along with configuration information on the particular email services (such as IMAP, POP3 and ActiveSync settings) and this will also list the email hosting node that this specific domain name is provisioned to.
  • Create Account: Easily create new email accounts (addresses) for this domain name.
  • Manage Mailbox: View a list of all email accounts provisioned to the domain name, their relative plans, assigned quota and the status of the accounts. From the Manage Mailbox section you can also control specific settings for that Mailbox. Learn more about Managing Mailbox.
  • Manage Aliases: This will allow you to view and manage a list of email aliases for that particular domain name. Email Aliases are managed on a per-domain basis. Learn more about Creating and Managing Email Aliases.
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