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What is ID Protection?
Updated Friday January 5th 2018 / Category Domain Contacts and Privacy

When registering a domain name, there is some information that must be provided so that it may be displayed on the whois lookup for that particular domain name. Depending on the extension you’re registering, you will find different types of information will be displayed when conducting a whois lookup.

Registering domain name extensions known as gTLDs (for example .com, .net, and .org) will require personal information such as your name, address, email address, and contact phone number. This information is then displayed on the whois lookup for everybody to see. Please note that it is a regulatory requirement that the information you provide when registering the domain name is valid to allow for contact to be made in the event that it is required by the regulatory body.

This is where ID Protection can help protect your identity and mitigate the risk of being spammed by malicious scammers who regularly scrap whois databases. ID Protection works by replacing the details you provide upon registration with generic proxy details and a hidden email address that then forwards to your real email address. This is helpful as it prevents scammers from getting your details but ensures that important emails related to your domain name still come through.

Is ID Protection available on .AU domain names?

Unfortunately, the regulatory body responsible for the .AU namespace does not currently allow the use of ID Protection on any .AU domain names.

Fortunately, conducting a whois search on a .AU domain name will not reveal the phone number or postal address of the registrant, however, it will show business details (such as the registrant’s ABN).

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