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What is reverse DNS and how do I set it up?
Posted Friday February 12th 2016 / Category VPS

Configuration of suitable reverse DNS (rDNS) records for your VPSs IP Addresses is important to ensure it’s complaint with other servers or services you may interface with. Without an rDNS configuration you may experience issues with some servers sending/receiving email with you among other things.

Your rDNS record for your VPSs primary IP address will typically be your hostname. For example you would set as your primary hostname and then ask us to set that as your rDNS record.

To arrange the setup of your rDNS record, please select the “Reverse DNS (PTR)” option in VIPControl from VPS > Manage and then clicking on the blue cog button next to the VPS you wish to work with to reveal the configuration options for the service.

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