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What is SpamExperts filtering and how do I enable it on my service?
Updated Tuesday October 10th 2017 / Category Email

SpamExperts is a fully redundant email filtering technology, blocking 99.98% of all spam, with an industry leading false-positive ratio of less than one in a million.

The SpamExperts inbound email filtering addon is a legacy product that VentraIP Australia offered on shared cPanel hosting services. This service is no longer available for new activations. Existing customers who are using SpamExperts inbound scanning can continue to use it, although we do encourage you to move to a dedicated email hosting product for better performance and reliability. At this point of time there are no plans to discontinue SpamExperts inbound filtering for existing customers, however, if that does change we will communicate it with all concerned customers.

SpamExperts outbound email filtering (that is, mail being sent from a VentraIP Australia shared cPanel service) is enabled by default for on all outgoing mail. This system takes all outbound email from our shared hosting servers, scans it for spam and viruses, and then releases the clean emails while discarding the rest.

This assists in preventing our servers from being listed on RBL blacklists (which could then cause email delivery problems) to ensure smooth and problem-free email delivery.

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