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.AU priority process
Updated Wednesday March 9th 2022 / Category Domain Names

Any .au direct names that match a domain already registered in the .au namespace are going to be offered to existing registrants for the first 6 months under a Priority Allocation period and locked from public registration. This period will last from launch on 24th March 2022 until 20th September 2022.

To determine whether a .au domain registered by you or a client has a Priority Category assigned to an equivalent .au direct domain name, check the domain using the auDA priority status tool here:


In a small fraction of cases, more than one registrant may be eligible to apply for Priority Status for the same .au direct name (e.g. where Registrant A holds and Registrant B holds

In those cases, the creation date of each applicant’s domain name license will determine how a name is allocated according to a priority category. The chart below outlines the logic behind this process.


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