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What name servers do I use on my legacy WHM Multi hosting services?
Updated Friday August 21st 2020 / Category WHM Multi Hosting & Reseller Services

Our WHM Multi customers have two name server options for client domains; either to use our whitelabel nameservers or to setup ones own private custom branded name servers.

The white-label name servers available for use are:

If you wish to create private name servers for your WHM Multi service using our DNS cluster, then you can use the following IP addresses:

ns1 -
ns2 -
ns3 -

To setup those up you will create the child name servers (also termed Glue Records and Registry Hosts) at your domain name registrar, along with the required DNS entries. If VentraIP Australia is your domain name registrar, please read our “How do I create my own white label name servers for my WHM Mutli service?” guide for setting up your private name servers.

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