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What payment methods do you accept?
Updated Monday March 25th 2019 / Category Billing

We support a number of payment methods including Credit Card, Paypal, BPAY, and EFT Bank Transfers.

Further information on accepted payment methods can be found in the ‘Accepted Payment Methods’ stub attached to the bottom of your PDF invoice. To have your invoice resent, you can do so via the Invoices section of VIPControl.

Unlike some providers we do not charge a surcharge for any of our supported payment methods. We are not going to punish you for wanting to use your American Express and we encourage you to earn those reward points!

Credit Card

We accept credit card in the form of Mastercard, Visa and American Express. This is our preferred payment method, as there is no delay in payment processing so your services can be instantly activated.


Simarly to credit card transactions there is no delay in payment processing when paying via PayPal. Payments can be made using your PayPal account or via the PayPal Guest Checkout.


Please be aware that BPAY payments do take a number of days to clear. Consider BPAY payments as a standard bank transfer with 1-2 business days required for processing; this can cause delays over weekends and during public holiday periods.

EFT Bank Transfer

Direct deposit (EFT) is an alternative to Credit Card and BPAY. We recommend allowing 1-2 business days for payments to process (this may be further delayed by weekends and public holidays). Our details can be found below:
Account Name: VentraIP Australia Pty Ltd
BSB: 193 879
Account Number: 432 928 769
Description: Please ensure you use your invoice number as a payment reference.

We do NOT accept cheques. If you send us one our very hungry shredder will appreciate it.

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