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What steps should I take to secure my new VentraIP Economy VPS?
Updated Monday October 16th 2017 / Category VPS

When you have received your new Economy VPS, it is critically important that you secure it sufficiently to minimise the potential for it to be hacked. By ensuring it is secure you protect both your data and our network from malicious use.

Some of the steps you should take to secure your VPS include:

  • Installing a firewall.
  • Lock down non-essential ports.
  • Set a strong password, consider disabling password root logins in favour of SSH-key access only.
  • Configure your webserver (Apache/LiteSpeed/Nginx) and PHP appropriately.
  • Update your kernel and all RPM’s.

These are just a few of the steps you should take, but there are many more. If you’re unfamiliar with securing a VPS and you need help, please contact the VentraIP Australia Technical Team who can secure and configure servers where cPanel/WHM and a management day pass has been purchased.

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