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What’s happening to my Free Hosting Service?
Posted Monday May 16th 2016 / Category Servers Australia

Some customers of Servers Australia were on a free hosting plan that will now be discontinued.

Customers using this free plan will still be migrated to our hardware, and onto the Economy Saver plan. They will not be charged until the 31st of July 2016, after which the normal pricing will begin.

If customers do not wish to continue on our Economy Saver plan, we recommend either of the following:

  1. Have the service migrated to our sister company Zuver, who offer cheaper hosting with limited support. You can sign up via Zuver’s web site for a new hosting service and supply the Zuver support team with your cPanel username and password for a migration.
  2. Cancel the service.

Community / Not-For-Profit Hosting

Customers who were using the free hosting service to operate community and not-for-profit web sites should contact our sales team for consideration of a special offer.

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