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Why are some functions in VIPControl not working or missing for me?
Updated Wednesday November 9th 2016 / Category Servers Australia

Prior to your hosting service being migrated to VentraIP Australia’s hosting platform you will find that some functions in VIPControl do not work. Please see below a list of features in VIPControl that will be unavailable until your migration to our hardware has been completed:

  • Check Firewall
  • Enabling / Disabling Google Apps DNS Entries
  • Permissions fixer
  • Enabling and disabling SSH access
  • Enabling / Disabling Temporary URL
  • Adding Extra Backup Space
  • loudflare & Railgun services
  • Enabling and Disabling MySQL access externally

Reseller Hosting Specific Services:

  • Assigned IP Services
  • Data Block Upgrades

Once your migration has been scheduled and completed this features will work as normal. Should you need our technicians to manually help you with any of the above tools prior to your migration please go to Support Center > Submit new eTicket > Ensure the department is ‘Technical Support’.

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