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Withdrawing or declining an application for a contested .AU domain name
Updated Thursday March 24th 2022 / Category Domain Names

If a registrant has an existing domain in the .au namespace and does not wish to apply for the matching .au direct name, or would like to withdraw an existing application, they can “decline to apply”. This will either move the .au direct name on to other potential applicants, or where you only wish to apply under your most eligible domain, it will speed up the process of having it assigned by removing unnecessary pending applications.

This is all done from an auDA website:

Here, applications can be made to retrieve the Priority ID Token, or you can withdraw your priority allocation status from a domain you are not interested in applying for or are no longer interested in contending for.

After filling out this form, an email will then be sent to the contact email address provided by the registrant of the domain. A link in this email will finalize the decline/withdrawal of the application, reflected on the Priority Status Tool in the following 24 hours once an application is made with a registrar.


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