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Find the answers to your questions and get the support you need with the VentraIP help centre.

How to upgrade from an existing legacy shared hosting plan to a new shared hosting plan

Upgrading your legacy plan can be done via your VIPcontrol account, this article will cover what you need to do and what you can expect to occur when upgrading from a legacy plan.

Disclaimer; A migration will need to occur as part of this upgrade as your legacy plan is currently hosted on outdated hardware. In this case, our 24/7 Migrations team will migrate your service from the legacy server to our newer servers.

There are a few simple steps involved in order to complete this upgrade/migration. To request the migration, you will need to complete the following;

  1. Login to VIPControl using the email address and password you have set on your account. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the forgotten password tool to send out a new one.
  2. Once in the Dashboard, select My Services >> Hosting >> Select Manage next to the plan you would like to upgrade >> Upgrade Plan (Located on the left-hand side under Account) >> View Plans.
  3. Once you have selected ‘View Plans’, you will have the option to select the plan you would like to upgrade to. (Note, you will need to select the appropriate plan matching your current legacy plan.)
  4. Once the upgrade request has been submitted, our Accounts & Billing department will complete the billing side of this process by;
    • Issuing any relevant upgrade invoices.
    • Changing the plan from legacy to new.
    • Gathering your preferred migration time.
    • And; submitting an eTicket to our Migrations team on your behalf to complete the physical migration of your data.
  5. Our 24/7 Migrations team will then schedule and complete the migration at your preferred time.
  6. Once the Migration is completed, the Migrations team will respond to your open eTicket, letting you know that your data has been migrated.
  7. As you will be migrated to our new shared hosting platform, there will be a nameserver/DNS change which our migrations team will advise you of during and/or after the migration.  Please note that this change may include up to 8 hours of downtime while the nameserver/DNS change takes place.

Important things to note:

  • If your domain name is registered with VentraIP, our Migrations team can adjust your nameservers for you post-migration, at your request.
  • As our migrations team operate 24/7, this migration can be completed at a time that suits you best.
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