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What to do if you get an auDA complaint on a domain name?

Why did I receive an email from Synergy Wholesale about an auDA Complaint on my domain?

Synergy Wholesale is the sister company of VentraIP Australia and are the ones who handle all active complaints on domain names.

If you received an email from Synergy Wholesale ( and in the email it states auDA Complaint, this would mean there is an active complaint on your domain that needs to be addressed/resolved.

Why is there an active complaint on my domain name?

In the email you received from Synergy Wholesale it would explain why the complaint was submitted on the domain at the start of the email:

auDA Complaint (Complaint Reason Would be Here) for (Domain with the complaint)

What do I do from here to get the complaint removed from my domain?

You will need to reply directly to the email you received from Synergy Wholesale and they can begin the process from there to get the complaint removed from your domain.

When you reach out to them, they will be able to explain the complaint further and work with you and auDA to get the complaint removed from the domain.

Please Note: The Customer Care team at Synergy Wholesale don’t have a direct phone number for you to reach out on regarding auDA complaints.

All auDA complaint correspondents need to be done via email only.

If you do get a complaint on your domain, please reply back to the original email sent from the Synergy Wholesale team.

If you are unable to reply back to that email, please instead reach out to the Synergy Wholesale Complaints Team via their email (

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