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Transferring an existing domain name to VentraIP Australia
Updated Sunday October 17th 2021 / Category Registration, Renewal and Expiry


Most domain transfers are the same and simply require the following before proceeding.

  1. Obtain the domain name’s EPP Code, sometimes referred to as a Domain Password, Transfer Key or Transfer Token
  2. Ensure the Registrant Contact Email Address assigned to the domain name is one you can receive emails on

There are two exceptions to this rule.

  1. .UK domain names require you to update the domain name’s IPS Tag on the existing domain registrar’s end. Our IPS Tag is SYNERGY-AU
  2. .NZ domain names have UDAI Codes, which are similar to EPP Codes. However, they need to be manually generated by your existing domain registrar and are only valid for 30 days

Submitting A Domain Transfer

Submitting a domain transfer is very simple, you can do so via our website.  After submitting a .UK domain transfer, please update the domain name’s IPS Tag.

Approving A Domain Transfer

Under normal circumstances, an approval link will be sent to the Registrant Contact Email Address assigned to the domain name, to approve the domain transfer.

For the time being, any non-AU domain names will not have this email sent. Due to the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws, there is now no way for the gaining registrar to determine the Registrant Contact Email Address, so the approval email cannot be sent. So this step is skipped.

Please be advised, that this may change in the future. So please keep an eye out for the email.

What Now?

Any .AU domain name will take 2 days to transfer, and any other type of domain name will take 5-7 days to process.



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