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Troubleshooting a "503 Service Unavailable" error
Updated Thursday January 28th 2021 / Category Web Hosting

The cause of a 503 Service Unavailable error is typically high resource consumption by your web hosting service, or more directly a script inside it.

You can determine the cause through a range of methods:

  • Check Resource Usage in cPanel to determine if you’re hitting your resource limits.
  • Check AWStats within cPanel to see if there are unusual amounts of traffic hitting your website.
  • If you have customised your PHP config, ensure you haven’t set memory_limit too high.
  • Disable your scripts and plugins temporarily and try again.
    • Rename the folders for your plugins or scripts one-by-one. If the error disappears after temporarily re-naming your plugin folders, then that plugin is likely the root cause of the excessive resource consumption.

If you are unable to determine the cause, get in touch with our Technical Support team via eTicket.

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