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Find the answers to your questions and get the support you need with the VentraIP help centre.

Servers Australia – Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening to the plan I’m on with Servers Australia?

All hosting services formerly with Servers Australia will be moved to new plans effective immediately.

The new plans will vary from our published Hosting plans to three new legacy plans that have been added to accommodate the bulk of customers without a significant reduction in resources or a leap in price.

An email will be sent to all customers in the coming days informing them of their new plan with the features and the price. Once you have this email and you would like to discuss your options, you can submit a new eTicket to our sales team, and they will be happy to assist.

Please note: Any change of plan will only be effective from your next renewal date as we will be honouring your current renewal date.

What is happening to my Windows Shared hosting service?

As we do not offer any Windows Hosting products, any customers on Windows hosting servers will need to seek an alternative hosting solution.

Windows Hosting services will remain online until 31 July 2016, and we will continue to support Windows customers until that time.

Any customers with sites not dependent on a Windows Hosting environment are welcome to migrate to one of our Linux based cPanel hosting services.

When will I be migrated over to VentraIP?

Customers who are currently using a paid hosting service with Servers Australia will be migrated to the VentraIP platform over the next six weeks.

Approximately one week before your migration, you will receive an email detailing the date and time of your migration and any changes you may need to make to nameservers, etc.

What happens if I’ve prepaid for my hosting?

All existing renewal dates for services you’ve paid to Servers Australia will be honoured.

We will move servers Australia customers to a suitable VentraIP plan, and customers will not be billed until their current renewal date. What’s happening to my Free Hosting Service?

Some customers of Servers Australia were on a free hosting plan that we will now discontinue.

We will still migrate customers using this free plan to our hardware and onto the Economy Saver plan. They will not be charged until31 July 2016, after which the regular pricing will begin.

If customers do not wish to continue on our Economy Saver plan, we recommend either of the following:

  1. Have the service migrated to our sister company Zuver, which offer cheaper hosting with limited support? You can sign up viaZuver’ss website for a new hosting service and supply the Zuver support team with your cPanel username and password for a migration.
  2. Cancel the service.

Community / Not-For-Profit Hosting

Customers who were using the free hosting service to operate community and not-for-profit websites should contact our sales team to consider a special offer. What’s happening to my Domain names?

VentraIP has only acquired ServersAustralia’ss shared hosting service.

If your domain name is managed through Servers Australia, it will continue to be managed by them.

Why are some functions in VIPcontrol not working or missing for me?

Before your hosting service being migrated to VentraIPAustralia’ss hosting platform, you will find that some functions in VIPcontrol do not work. Please see below a list of features in VIPcontrol that will be unavailable until your migration to our hardware has been completed:

  • Check Firewall
  • Enabling / Disabling Google Apps DNS Entries
  • Permissions fixer
  • Enabling and disabling SSH access
  • Enabling / Disabling Temporary URL
  • Adding Extra Backup Space
  • Cloudflare & Railgun services
  • Enabling and Disabling MySQL access externally

Reseller Hosting Specific Services:

  • Assigned IP Services
  • Data Block Upgrades

Once your migration has been scheduled and completed, these features will work as usual. Should you need our technicians to manually help you with any of the above tools before your migration, please go to Support Centre > Submit new eTicket > Ensure the department is’‘Technical Suppor’’.What’s happening with my Credit Card information?

Due to privacy, we will not import any credit card information stored with Servers Australia into customers new VIPcontrol accounts.

Any customers wanting to add a credit card to their VIPcontrol Account for automatic billing can do so by logging into their VIPcontrol Account and going to Account and then My Payment Method on the side navigation menu.

How do I get in touch with technical support?

Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding your service or your migration to VentraIP.

You can submit an eTicket through VIPcontrol, or give us a call on (03) 9013 8464.

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